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What does IQOS stand for?

The iQOS (pronounced 'eye-cohs') stands for Instant Quitting Option Smoking and is the brand name for Philips' heat-not-burn vaporiser which uses HEETS , pre-filled tobacco sticks that are inserted into the machine to produce a tobacco flavored vapor.

What's inside each pack of HEETS?

When you buy IQOS HEETS sticks you receive 4 individually wrapped portions (1 portion = 1 pack) of tobacco stick which is placed in a foil pouch. You can take 1 portion out and use it as you would with any other cigarette, without having to light it. IQOS HEETS tobacco sticks are pre-cut into 3 pieces - the tip, plus two portions – each one representing about half of a traditional cigarette. To enjoy HEETS IQOS experience, just place your tobacco stick on the IQOS device and push the power button 5 times to turn it on. Then hold for 2 secs until vapour starts to come through (up to 10 seconds depending on taste settings).

What are the different flavours of IQOS ?

Currently there are three variants: Classic Tobacco, Mint Menthol and Fine Cut Menthol.

How many HEETS sticks will I get out of a pack of IQOS?

Each pack contains 4 portions (equivalent to about 2 cigarettes). Each portion lasts for about as long as an average cigarette when used on its own, but you can also enjoy it by combining two or three portions together. This way, each pack gives you enough tobacco sticks for 1-2 weeks depending on your smoking habits.

What are the main ingredients in IQOS ? Why are they different from those in cigarettes?

HEETS IQOS and IQOS flavors contain very few ingredients: Tobacco extract derived from dried natural leaf, nicotine (1 mg\/portion), acidity regulators – food standard phosphate salts - and water. Compared to an average cigarette, IQOS HEETS have fewer ingredients, three of which are used to allow the tobacco to burn and make smoke, while IQOS has none. What is left in IQOS HEETS sticks is extracted from natural tobacco leaves. IQOS devices are also free from over 600 other substances found in cigarettes, including tar; carbon monoxide; arsenic; acetone; ammonia; benzene; butane and more than 60 known cancer-causing chemicals (source: Royal College of Physicians) . In fact, when using an IQOS device you get virtually zero smoke (95% less by volume), so there's no second hand smoke either.

What about nicotine? Does IQOS deliver different amounts of nicotine compared to a regular cigarette?

The amount of nicotine in an IQOS HEETS stick is similar to that of a cigarette, and is delivered in a controlled way by the device. When using IQOS devices, approximately 1 mg of nicotine is released into the user's mouth for each portion used, which is close to what smokers absorb from smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette.

How long will my IQOS device last? How much will I use?

IQOS devices are designed to last as long as any other electronic device: typically 4-5 years depending on frequency of use. This means you'll be able to enjoy increased convenience without worrying about your battery running out or charging it more often than every few days. Just like with your mobile phone, laptop or tablet there may come a time when you want to upgrade your IQOS device, but given the improved taste compared to cigarettes and reduced impact on your health, chances are that you will be using IQOS for a long time.

Why do I need to charge my IQOS ?

Like most other electronic devices such as mobile phones, MP3 players and laptops, the IQOS device uses rechargeable batteries. For maximum performance, the battery should be charged regularly (when using it less than once a day). It is important not to leave your IQOS charging unattended for longer periods of time with no use – this can damage the product. We advise you not to leave an empty tank base during extended periods of non-use in order to protect against any potential leakage. Pre-heating the tobacco stick before use is one of IQOS USPs. It takes just a couple of minutes and makes for a much better experience. If you're used to cigarettes, it's like opening a pack of cigarettes, picking an individual cigarette and lighting it up (rather than smoking directly from the pack).

How long does it take to heat an IQOS HEETS stick? Is this time different for each tobacco stick?

The time required to heat an IQOS HEETS portion varies based on how dense the tobacco is. An 'original' density tobacco requires less time than medium or fine cut variant. The optimal pre-heat time is 2 minutes; however, in case you need more\/less time, you can simply adjust the pre-heat settings of your IQOS device. You do not need to wait until a red light comes on before you inhale – and you don't need to finish the whole portion before it goes cold. Unlike with cigarettes, there is no rush. You can take as long as you like to enjoy each IQOS HEETS stick, just as you would with a normal cigarette or cigar (if that's what you're used to).

What if my IQOS is switched on but I'm not using it? Should I leave it charging all day? What about if I forget to charge my IQOS ? Can it damage the device?

A good tip is to charge your device when it needs charging (based on usage). If you use it less than once per day, charging the device when it's fully discharged is recommended. You should never leave your IQOS charging longer than necessary with no use – this may cause damage to the product and could present a fire hazard. An empty tank\/base must be stored in an upright position either on its side or standing up. It must not be left lying down as this could present a potential leakage hazard and damage to the product.

I have an IQOS , my friends have cigarettes, which one should I choose?

This comes back to choice: do you want something better for yourself and those around you (iQOS) or are convenience and lower prices more important (cigarettes)? Regular cigarettes contain harmful substances known to cause cancer, heart and lung disease. IQOS smokeless tobacco sticks contain no harmful ingredients; they are estimated to be up to 95% less harmful than traditional cigarettes . If you're a smoker who's looking for a better alternative, then the answer is quite simple – with IQOS you can enjoy all the pleasure of smoking without the smoke.

How long will an IQOS HEETS cigarette last? How much nicotine is in them?

IQOS HEETS portions are designed so that each pack contains enough portions for between 400-500 puffs which means that approximately one stick represents 1 portion. The amount of nicotine present in each IQOS HEETS includes 5mg\/g (EU: 6mg\/g), which doesn't differ much from regular tobacco. So an IQOS HEETS cigarette will provide you with the same amount of nicotine as a regular cigarette, at least if you follow correct smoking\/inhaling patterns. IQOS devices are now available in over 40 countries worldwide and have been used by millions of satisfied smokers looking for a better alternative to traditional cigarettes. This gives us great confidence that when users try IQOS , they'll find it so satisfying that they won't want to go back to smoking cigarettes again.

How do IQOS HEETS tobacco sticks compare to cigarettes?

The main difference between an IQOS HEETS portion and cigarette is that you don't inhale it in the same way. While there are many similarities, here are a few key ones: - You can enjoy everything about smoking except for the harmful smoke produced by burning paper from the tip of a cigarette. With IQOS , that means no tar, no carbon monoxide and even very low levels of certain cancer causing chemicals (below 1% those found in cigarettes). IQOS tobacco sticks are de-nicotised. - The design of the IQOS HEETS portion allows users to enjoy longer, large puffs - they're designed to mimic the sensation of smoking a cigarette. This makes them more satisfying than a traditional cigarette which is why they may be used less often than a normal cigarette or cigar (if that's what you're used to).